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Happy 2019!

I hope you and your family have enjoyed a lovely holiday over December!

Above is a short clip of my Christmas Eve, which we spent with the family

of our oldest son’s girlfriend. She is seen singing behind me on the right

hand side, and comes from a very music loving family. Both children seen (young

adults) play piano, sing, and her brother is active in school music and

plays the drums and guitar too. Their mother is also a trained singer.

Although I didn’t know until I got to their home that I would be accompany-

ing for “O Holy Night”, it was a joy to be asked, and then watch other young

musicians also play their piano, and a trombone duet too!

This is what I hope for my students, that their musical training will inspire

them to have a lifelong ability to participate musically in any setting that they

are a part of - whether it be planned ahead of time, or on a spur of the



A belated Happy birthday to Liam on December 28th! Liam joined our

studio just this past November and we are so pleased to have you here

Liam !

January greetings of best birthday wishes go out to Claire, Emma, and Nolan.

May you celebrate and enjoy your special day!

Our new featured composer for the next term (2-3 months) is Jean Coulthard.

A busy month: This month we are taking on new music, choosing performance

pieces, and continuing our in-depth study of skills in ANTHEM.

(Apprentices Now Training for Heroic Efforts in Music). This is our project for


Please return all borrowed Christmas music to the studio as soon as possible.

Here is some of the new music I’ve purchased for the studio this month!

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