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February, 2020

January's theme in the studio was to motivate practicing through a month that can feel very long after the holidays, when students go back to routines, begin new semesters, or have exams. To add a lighthearted touch to the discipline of piano practice, younger students were able to trade their practice coins for prizes this past week. Many love it when gum is offered, and Juicy Fruit gum did prove to be a very popular choice, as well as small toys, buttons, and other prizes. Older students were given an entry into a draw for an Amazon gift card for each hour of practice they completed during the month. On Thursday night we drew the winner and the link to watch this can be seen on my Youtube channel where I regularly record and post piano lesson videos. Search youtube under Paula Cain if you wish you view. You can also try this link:


The winner of the second Amazon gift card for most hours practiced during the month of January was Bijou. Well done to all students who committed to learning their pieces well and developing their artistry during the very bleak midwinter. We will continue to have these prizes and draws through this part of the year in addition to our 30 piece challenge. Which student can complete their 30 pieces first?

We are choosing pieces for the Spring Recital which will be taking place in early May.

Reminder: Please see studio dates in April and May that were sent with your welcome email in the Fall, or view on the website here at : The 2019-2020 calendar is posted under the link.


Congratulations to all the students who continue to pursue music studies in other areas of their lives. Some students participate in school choirs, band programs, and community events where their ability in piano/music studio lessons will cross over to other disciplines. This is also true with respect to ability in mathematics, language, discipline, self motivation and more.

Each family has been contacted regarding my absence from February 23 - March 9th. There are no lessons during these dates while I am out of town. Students and families have elected to either attend during March break or have a tuition break for this time. Thank you for your understanding. For those that have enquired about my husband, thank you, and he continues to have weekly chemotherapy, and is looking forward to this time with our family very much.

Some students took Royal Conservatory exams two weeks ago, and will be starting all new music this month. All students receive training in technique and musicianship in accordance with standards by both the Royal Conservatory of Music, and the Victoria Conservatory of Music, regardless of whether they choose to sit the formal examinations.

A very happy birthday to our February students. May your piano be a place of beauty in your life, where you find yourself able to learn and grow musically, but also enjoy the creativity and sounds of music all your own.

----- Paula ------

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