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A month of hearts

February has always been one of my favourite months. Valentines Day with all its hearts and chocolate, love, and a mid winter holiday, is also a holiday we celebrate in the piano studio with activities with this theme. My oldest son was also born in February, and February is always the turning point of winter to me. A reminder that Spring is around the corner.

Happy Birthday to students Yingshan, Evangeline, and Makayla! May you enjoy your special day with those you love.

Noterush champions - well done to all students who participated in the Fall challenge! Everyone wins when quick recognition of notes on the staff is practiced, and the final highest scores went to Yingfan and Evelyn!

RSVP please as to whether you would be interested in having your child or children perform in a Pacific Melody recital in early May. This would likely be a Saturday afternoon. Although a Spring recital is usually the last of they year, it is important to note that the date is chosen to avoid end of the year conflicts with other activities. The piano semester continues for lessons until the end of June as it follows the school year.

Students will have the Spring BCRMTA recital as an option in any case.

Several Pacific Melody students are performing in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival in May. We wish them the best of success and will be cheering them on!

Baroque study. Students were asked to watch "So You Want to Write A Fugue" by Glenn Gould, on Youtube this month. One teen's comment was "I have the song stuck in my head now", and another student was able to come in and tell me all about another Fugue that he recognized after listening to my explanation and looking at the music of a fugue. Well done students for taking the initiative to be life long learners!

What is the difference between a digital piano and an acoustic piano, and should I consider upgrading? If these are questions you have, please ask me, and I can point you to an excellent article written by a local piano technician.

And now.... drumroll...... the studio has BIG NEWS!

Today, February 3rd, your teacher signed the purchase of a BRAND NEW Yamaha Professional Piano for the studio. It should arrive within a week or two and I am so excited to have found exactly the piano I was looking for for the studio. The lovely Mason and Risch will remain for now in the studio, however may be sold before long. It has just been tuned and would make an excellent piano for any student who would like to purchase an acoustic piano.

There continue to be monthly or semi-monthly performing opportunities. Please speak to me if this interests you. Please encourage students to play the music they love, practice diligently, and take some time to enjoy other musical performances. I always love to run into students when I'm attending a symphony concert, or a school concert, or another form of performing arts. It really adds such an enjoyment to life.

Thanks for reading the new website blog, where I hope to publish our regular newsletters. Sending you many warm thoughts during this month of hearts and chocolate :).



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