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Music is an enjoyment lasting a lifetime!

why come to our studio?

Paula grew up playing the piano and regularly played at seniors care homes, weddings, company events and more.    As Paula completed her Royal Conservatory of Music levels,  an acquaintance asked if she would teach her daughter piano.  With that first student Paula had found the career she was destined for.  After thinking about classroom teaching and taking university courses, she decided to combine a love of music and teaching and open her own studio.  She completed a  diploma in piano teaching and performance, joined the professional orgranization and the studio has grown and expanded to teach other instruments as well. 

Piano students may learn for fun, and play the music they want to learn, other students may elect to study the graded program of the Royal Conservatory of Music.  As of 2018, Paula completed her Royal Conservatory Certified teacher designation, which she holds in addition to being an Associate.  Being a qualified teacher with both conservatories gives her students the highest level of instruction and assures families that they are receiving properly taught music education.

When students come to a professional piano studio, they are focussed on playing on top quality instruments such as the Yamaha professional upright piano, and have access to a large library of resources in Paula's studio.  Most of all, students are free from the distractions of home, and their learning and concentration increases dramatically.

Studying with Ms. Paula gives students who love to perform, at least 7 opportunities each year in the city-wide concerts, which are attended by students from other supportive teachers around the city.  Ms. Paula also holds smaller less formal concerts during the year to give students the opportunity to share their music with others.  These concerts are all optional but are an invaluable part of what is available to students of Ms. Paula.  

Flexibility - Ms. Paula works with families to make music lessons an enjoyable and enriching activity that students look forward to.  Open door policy and communication with families is of the utmost important to Ms. Paula.






The piano is the best instrument to start with.  Children and adults learn to read music on both staves, and learn to play an instrument that just sounds good on its own.  Paula is an expert teacher at getting kids reading and playing and improvising and composing their own music.


Ms. Paula accepts piano and keyboard students in the studio, and often they study contemporary styles of music. Group lessons and solo lessons, give students the best in music playing and education. Playing the keyboard is a great way to play either as part of a band or individually.  Jazz duets are commonly heard in the studio with keyboard/piano.

Music Theory

Incorporating music theory club classes into piano and keyboard lessons is vital to give students a complete and thorough understanding of the way music is written, read, and played.  Ms. Paula brings in theory using enjoyable texts, technology and in relevance to the music a student is learning.


Early Flute students will find Ms. Paula helpful 

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