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The piano is the best instrument to start with.  Children and adults learn to read music on both staves, and learn to play an instrument that just sounds good on its own.  Paula is an expert teacher at getting kids reading and playing and improvising and composing their own music.


Ms. Paula accepts piano and keyboard students in the studio, and often they study contemporary styles of music. Group lessons and solo lessons, give students the best in music playing and education. Playing the keyboard is a great way to play either as part of a band or individually.  Jazz duets are commonly heard in the studio with keyboard/piano.

Music Theory

Incorporating music theory club classes into piano and keyboard lessons is vital to give students a complete and thorough understanding of the way music is written, read, and played.  Ms. Paula brings in theory using enjoyable texts, technology and in relevance to the music a student is learning.


Early Flute students will find Ms. Paula helpful 

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